Why Wilde Ital?

Fulfill your needs at our one-of-a-kind fitness and wellness center in Maryland. Wilde Ital Fitness and Wellness Center provides personalized strength training, nutrition plans, wellness exams, vitamin injections, youth, and adult mental health first aid training, health, and wellness coaching and so much more. 


Our Mission is to create healthier “ITAL” lifestyles within the communities we serve.  True WELLNESS is achieved when there is alignment with our MIND, BODY and SOUL.  We provide quality care and patient/client safety through evidenced-based practice. We believe that with the right program and treatment plan, the body can heal from the inside - out.



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Health and Wellness Services

Everyone is unique, and therefore has different needs. Our goal is help you achieve progress not perfection.

  • Personal trainer 

  • In-person or Virtual Training 

  • Group Bootcamp

  • Meal Planning 

Fitness Products

Shop our wide range of Wilde Ital Gear. We are constantly updating out inventory, so be sure to get yours now!

Fitness Blog

Make sure to check out our blog on Phentermine. Don't know what that is and why it's important? Well you're in luck!


Wilde Ital Health & Fitness Program

At Wilde Ital, we understand that working out is hard enough, so we bring you the flexibility and convenience of working out from home with, our certified fitness professional. Lorenzo Williams is a certified trainer and bodybuilder. He will design your customized exercise programs to match your goals and your body’s needs. We specialize in weight loss training, bodybuilding, strength training, and flexibility training. Wilde Ital training programs incorporate a variety of bodyweight movements, weights, TRX, kettlebells, resistance bands, machines, and more. Click sign up now for your free assessment. 

Medical Weight Loss Services

Phentermine $180

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Lipotropic Injection $30

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B12 Injection $20

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— AJ Jardon

“Lorenzo and team run an excellent fitness program. He recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and develops a customized weight training/fitness program for their respective clients.  The free assessment was clear and made sense.  By the 2nd month, I started seeing results. Lorenzo does a great job at setting up routines that don't get boring, push me to the limit, and make sure my form is right. He's also helped me assess my nutrition and build a healthy meal plan to move forward. I cannot recommend FYT enough!”

— WG Bennett

"Training with Lorenzo at Wilde Ital"

"Everyone needs a Lorenzo in their lives if you care about your physical health and condition. I recognized and acknowledged that I do not currently possess the knowledge, self-discipline, or accountability to workout on my own.

Having Lorenzo holds me accountable gets me committed and encourages me to do a little more. I took the 90 day challenge with him and started feeling better conditioned in 3-4 weeks. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far, another 40 to go. Without him I’d quit go back to my routine of unhealthy living......instead I feel better each week and I get a little stronger. Better than being the jelly donut I’ve been the last three years. 


He’s making me better and I trust him.

Anyone could benefit from having a quality individual like Lorenzo."

— Josepha

“First, I have enjoyed having Lorenzo as an instructor”


I've observed that he shows concern for his clients and motives the group as we are performing each exercise.  I have completed one month of this body strengthening training and I can feel the difference in my body, and with my muscles.  Prior to this training I had started to lose muscle because I am in post menopause.  I had changed my diet prior to this training to loose weight, and as a result of the combination with the new way of eating and exercising I am loosing the weight in a healthy way.

The exercises are progressive, so each week a new itinerary is sent out and is more challenging than the week prior.  I look forward to finishing the program and will continue with the training as it is especially important for my bones and my muscles as I am getting older.    God Bless

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