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"Lorenzo is the human body transformation expert"


"Working with personal trainer Lorenzo from Columbia, Maryland has been Life Changing.   When I met with Lorenzo to discuss my health and wellness goals, I never felt pressured or insecure. His friendly personality let me know that I could trust him with my health. After he monitored my workouts and shared a plan for meals and daily activities, he not only put together a workout plan for me, but it was a PERSONAL and UNIQUE lifestyle program.  He did not just give me the weekly schedules and say “go figure it out”; instead, I got emails, text messages, and phone calls from him to check-in and make sure I was on track. He would give me motivational coaching that I needed to stay focused. It was not easy, but the most rewarding things in life are also the most challenging. I am 5 weeks into the dedicated lifestyle change and I am at the happiest I have ever been."

— Tanisha

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